Need something? Why buy when you can borrow? BOLELO it!

Ever needed something, used it once, only to store it and never see it again? With Bolelo, that won't happen.

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  • How BOLELO works
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    1 Want to Borrow an item?

    Start by searching for an item. Once you find what you are looking for, check availability, book the item and make a secure payment right away. You can also chat with the Lender and ask questions.

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    2Do you have an item to Lend?

    Post your item. You set the price, availability, pick up time and location. Put the things you own to work rather than just storing it. You make $$$. Coverage is available for your stuff in case there’s damage.

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    3Have a great experience!

    BOLELO will handle the transaction and payment. You get to meet some friendly folks. It’s good for the community, good for our environment and great for your wallet. It's all Local, try it today.